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Pilot Project

Project Team


A Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment Tool for Coastal Habitats (CCVATCH)

Pilot Project Team

Project Coordinator/ NI-WB Pilot Site Coordinator

Dr. Jennifer Plunket, Stewardship Coordinator, North Inlet-Winyah Bay NERR, South Carolina

Dr. Plunket will act as a liaison between the Collaboration Lead, the Intended User Representatives, the CBNERRVA Pilot Site Coordinator, the Pilot Site Collaboration Assistants, and the Applied Science Investigators. Dr. Plunket will also act as the Pilot Site Coordinator for the NIWBNERR and will oversee the compilation of the outcomes from the workshops and pilot workdays, the development of the final tool documentation, an the production of a final report on theproject outcomes.

Collaboration Lead

Dr. Kiersten (Madden) Stanzel, Stewardship Coordinator, Misson-Aransas NERR, Texas

Dr. Madden will be responsible for integrating the perspectives of the Intended Users and the Applied Science Investigators. She will supervise development of the Intended User survey, facilitate the kick off and wrap-up workshop at each pilot site, evaluate collaborative learning at key points during the process, and adapt future workshops based on evaluation results. She will work closely with the Pilot Site Collaboration Assistants, capitalizing on their expertise and local knowledge to coordinate the collaborative aspects of the project at each pilot site.

Applied Science Investigators

Robin Weber, Natural Resources/GIS Specialist, Narragansett Bay NERR, Rhode Island

Rachel Stevens, Stewardship Coordinator, Great Bay NERR, New Hampshire

The Applied Science Investigators have been previously involved in the development of the CCVATCH and therefore will provide guidance on the application of the tool. This group will also be responsible for working with the Project Coordinator to compile the results of the pilot and integrate recommendations made by the workgroups at each site into the final tool and documentation.

CBNERRVA Pilot Site Coordinator

Scott Lerberg, Stewardship Coordinator, Chesapeak Bay, Virginia NERR, Virginia

The Pilot Site Coordinator at the CBNERRVA will serve as a liaison between the Project
Coordinator, the Collaborative Lead, the CBNERRVA Intended User Representative,
the CBNERRVA Collaborative Assistant, and the Applied Science investigators.

Intended User Representatives

Dr. Maria Whitehead, Winyah Bay and Pee Dee River Basin Project Director, The Nature
Conservancy, South Carolina

Shep Moon, Coastal Planner, Virginia Coastal Zone Management Program, Virginia

The Intended User representatives will serve as liaisons at each pilot site. Dr. Whitehead and Mr. Moon will assist in identifying individuals to participate in the Intended User survey and will participate in the project kick-off and wrap-meetings. They will serve as contact representatives for the intended-users and will assist onthe pilot workdays as needed.

Collaborative Assistants

Coastal Training Program Coordinator, North Inlet-Winyah Bay NERR, South Carolina

Sandra Erdle, Coastal Trainin Program Coordinator, Chesapeak Bay, Virginia NERR, Virginia

The Pilot Site Collaboration Assistants will aid in identifying participants for the Intended User Survey, the project kick-off workshops, and the tool pilot workdays. They will also be responsible for facilitating the tool pilot workdays in coordination with the Collaborative Lead and Collaborations Technical Advisor.


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