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South Carolina Coastal Monarch Study

The SC Department of Natural Resources (SC DNR) is seeking volunteers who live in coastal South Carolina to help tag monarchs this winter and spring.Monarch butterfly populations are decreasing, with record low winter counts for Mexico in 2014. Many of the monarchs migrate from Mexico to the upper Midwest and southern Canada during the summer and then back to Mexico in the fall. But on the East coast, things are different. Monarchs migrating along the East coast in fall typically do not go to Mexico. Some over-winter along the immediate coast of South Carolina. Scientists want to find out more about this winter range along the Lowcountry coast and need your help!

The NI-WB Reserve will be hosting a presentation about this project, followed by a butterfly walk on Friday, September 25th, at 1 PM at the Kimbel Lodge.

For more information about the project, please contace Lauton Sutley at SutleyL@dnr.sc.gov or 843-953-9354.


Conservation Navigation

We are excited to invite you to participate in a new series of discussions called ‘Conservation Navigation’.  This interactive series is designed to move our community from debating environmental issues to actions to conserve our coastal heritage. Each presentation will provide clear information on how the environmental problems we hear so much about actually impact and are impacted by our daily choices. Please join us at the Waccamaw Public Library on October 1st, November 5th, and December 3rd (first Thursday of each month) from 4 to 5 PM. View the flyer.


The North Inlet-Winyah Bay Site Profile is Finished!

We are pleased to announce the availability of the North Inlet- Winyah Bay NERR Site Profile. In addition to describing the NI-WB National Estuarine Research Reserve’s  genesis, rationale and mission, this document describes the geographic, cultural, and environmental setting of the Program. The Site Profile includes more than 200 pages of text  and about 100 graphs and tables that show results of long-term monitoring of climate, hydrology, water chemistry, habitats, and biota in both North Inlet and Winyah Bay. In addition, summaries of hundreds of local published research studies and a list of more than 700 references are included in the 417 page document.  Other sections include a synthesis comparing the two estuaries, a statement of research needs and priorities, and a discussion about linking science to management. Appendices include a complete list of Baruch Institute and NI-WB NERR archived and web-published databases and taxonomic lists of major plant and animal groups.

The Site Profile provides readers with resources and insights gained in more than 40 years of studies in the North inlet estuary. Our goal was to provide researchers, students, coastal decision makers and educators with materials that will be useful in planning new projects and utilizing scientific information to guide the future of the coast.


PART 1: Introduction
PART 2: Ecological and Biological Setting
PART 3: Summary, Synthesis and Relevance to Coastal Managment






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