Inlet & Bay Stewards

Local friends groups provide invaluable support to many of the National Estuarine Research Reserves across the country. Now, the NI-WB Reserve is grateful to announce that a small group of dedicated folks have formed a friends group for our reserve.  The newly formed Inlet & Bay Stewards (IBIS) are dedicated to the long-term protection and conservation of the local estuarine ecosystem by supporting education, land protection, community outreach and the research and activities of the NI-WB NERR. The organizing group had already obtained certification as a corporation in the state of SC, and are putting together an application for 501(c)3 status as a non-profit organization.  

As part of the initial effort to fund the 501(c)3 application and other start-up costs, Charter Memberships are being offered at the rate of $50. This membership will include a unique opportunity to visit the Reserve on a personalized tour and a commemorative keepsake. If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact Duane Draper, Chair, IBIS is also on Facebook (@NIWBIBIS), Twitter (@bay_inlet) and Instagram (NIWBIBIS). 

The Reserve staff would like to give a big thank you to the IBIS Steering Committee Members: Duane Draper, Chair; Bob Ciminel, Vice Chair; Joe Bennett, Secretary/Treasurer; Bill Brabson, Member; Pete Little, Member; Bob Askins, Member.

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