CTP Resources

Resources | Coastal Training Program Virtual Meeting Facilitation Resources Working remotely? Check out these tips, tools, and best practices for hosting and facilitating virtual meetings.

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LID Manual for Coastal SC

Resources | Coastal Training Program Low Impact Development Manual Low Impact Development in Coastal South Carolina:        A Planning and Design Guide The

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Priority Issues

PRIORITY ISSUES | Coastal Training Program The goals of CTP programs and technical assistance are to share current science on priority issues, increase stewardship of

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AUDIENCE | Coastal Training Program A coastal decision maker is anyone whose professional choices impact the health of coastal resources or habitats, including municipal planners,

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SERVICES | Coastal Training Program CTP training topics vary widely, from low impact development to coastal habitat management, but all relate to responsible and sustainable

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Planning to Adapt

When conditions start changing, we can adapt in many ways. Before a day outside, our personal preparations may include checking the forecasted conditions, layering clothing

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