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Betsy Brabson
Coordinator, SC BV Task Force
Phone: 843-546-9531
Fax: 843-436-0273

Jack Whetstone
Clemson University, Baruch Institute of
Coastal Ecology & Forest Science
Phone: 843-546-6321

Melanie Doyle
Coordinator, NC BV Task Force
Phone: 910-458-8257 ext. 250
Fax: 910-458-6812

Dale Suiter
US Fish and Wildlife Service
Phone: 919-856-4520 ext. 18

Lee Rosenberg
Coordinator, VA BV Task Force
Phone: 757-664-4373
Fax: 757-664-4370

Jennifer Koches
US Fish and Wildlife Service
Phone: 843-727-4707


Randy Westbrooks
US Geological Survey, US Dept. of the Interior
Phone: 910-648-6762


John Brubaker
South Carolina Native Plant Society
Phone: 843-928-4001


Mike Walker
Huntington Beach State Park
Phone: 843-235-8755


Tommy Socha
Army Corps of Engineers
Phone: 843-329-8139


Bill Eiser
Phone: 843-953-0237


DuBose Griffin
SC Dept. of Natural Resources
Phone: 843-953-9016
  Jennifer Plunket
North Inlet-Winyah Bay NERR
Phone: 843-904-9033


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